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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Plan B says:

Plan B

I get the feeling that modern political success can be measured in what you can get people to believe or at least ignore. So the arguments are no longer about the truth of anything or any demonstrable reality only what you can say and say again and again. The National Party today under JK are amazingly successful at saying things that bear no relation to any reasonable interpretation of reality. Maybe it has always been like this but with the internet we are more connected with other places and people so we can easily see that what the Nats and associated parties are saying about the so called electricity market are simply not a reasonable interpretation of the situation. So the puzzle for me is the actual delusions at play and the Nats ability to repeat these delusions as facts again and again.


Bioneer said...

But it's so effective, why relent?

Paranormal said...

For a moment I thought he was talking about the greens.

When even the left leaning media commentariat are agreeing with Joyce - you've got to wonder where the greens are heading. Looks like they're living up to their nickname. That's why the gnats comments are striking a note with voters.

It's great the Greens are declaring so early in the lead up to the next election where they stand economically.

Paranormal said...
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Armchair Critic said...

I believe that good message management has always been one of the foundations of political success. National have been very good at this for the last decade or so. Labour, not so much.
Sadly, the truth of the message is a secondary consideration. This doesn't seem to be a new problem, though, it's not like politicians have just recently gained a reputation as untrustworthy.

Shane Pleasance said...

The answer to evil, power hungry politicians?
More, evil, power hungry politicians.