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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kerry Thomas says:

Over on Frogblog, Kerry made this comment:

"I think we do need to counter bullshit wherever it occurs.
Constantly repeated crap seems to take on a life of its own if not constantly de-bunked.

RWNJ extremists know that. Which is why they endlessly repeat the same mindless memes and slogans until, many people who should know better, start parroting them."


Armchair Critic said...

Kerry is correct and not only with regard to the climate. Another example is Labour's acceptance of neo-liberal dogma, from the 1980s.
In failing to present an alternative they allowed a consensus to be developed. This consensus meant that as a country we were dragged way to the right. Building consensus is a very effective way of making your opposition ineffective. Not completely effective, as Kerry points out.

robertguyton said...

Clarity of thought is a precious commodity. Whenever I see it, I'm provoked to action.

Paranormal said...

'Allowed consensus to be developed'. So it wasn't the results of a policy that worked that created consensus? I seem to recall Lange Douglas were re-elected with an increased majority because they turned the country around.