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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Joan Battison has a laugh

Shark's teeth - beware!

From today's Southland Times' 'letters' section.

Oh dear oh dear. A structure has appeared on the edge of the estuary in Riverton.
  A few people with a sense of humour and "fun" have driven a few stakes in the mud.
  When I saw this, I thought what fun, if I were a few years younger and fitter I'd go and add another one!
  Of course, some busybody has complained to the council, probably one of the group who think Michelangelo is the person who invented those ceiling tiles popular in the 70s and 80s and that van Dyck must be the father of that netball player.
  These "sticks" are doing no harm to anyone or anything. They just give normal people something to chuckle about.
  I suggest the council look up the meaning of structure in the dictionary and request the complainant to withdraw his complaint, and let the rest of the residents of our lovely historic town have a chuckle now and then.



wildcrafty said...

Lol, great letter, more wit from Riverton ;-)

robertguyton said...

Joan's a hoot. We had coffee together last Sunday :-) Her husband is a hedgerow expert.