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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

If you like heritage apples...

...this programme will apeel to you.
 John Bunker is a Maine USA nurseryman and the founder of Fedco Seeds Trees. He is trying to save rare heirloom apple varieties and over the last 30 years, he estimates he's saved more than 80 varieties.


The Gardener said...

Yes I heard this today. Is he going to visit you? I hope so. I did email Kathryn to let her know that we had others here in NZ doing similar work and she read out my email. I felt sure you would be listening! Keep up the good work.

robertguyton said...

Ah! A mystery solved (kind-of, I don't know who you are :-) Robyn and I heard that we'd been mentioned but didn't hear anything during the interview - thanks for that, The Gardener :-)
John sounds a character for sure and we'd love to meet him.