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Saturday, May 25, 2013

bjchip - super-hero

"National is a government of the wealthy, by the wealthy and for the wealthy, and not even limited to the wealthy of THIS nation. It is a treasonous, poisonous government owned by bankers with a banker at its head. It is an incompetent gaggle of thieves the contemplation of whom causes the gorge to rise, and the mind to darken."

bj's pulled out all the stops. I've not known him to be wrong yet.


Paranormal said...

Perhaps BJ should be asking how does this government differ from any previous government? BJ is overblown in not recognising the similarity with previous governments, no matter what side they come from. Particularly when it comes to incompetence.

And don't think a Liarbour Green government would be any different. just more of the same.

robertguyton said...

I don't believe that bj is a supporter of Labour. I wonder, paranormal, why you don't call the present Government the 'National/Act/Maori/UnitedFuture Government'?
I wonder if you are just being a little spiteful with your 'Liarbour Green' lable?

Paranormal said...

Not spiteful, just honest. Your post the other day regarding what to call the Gnats was a good one. A shame the comments went off track as I would probably have contributed.

robertguyton said...

Why don't you call this Government the 'National/Act/Maori/UnitedFuture Government', para?

robertguyton said...

“John Key has cut his cloth and it is wrapped around John Banks”.

Paranormal said...

Ah no - I think you will find the situation is quite different. In essence the government is National with confidence and supply agreements with minor parties in certain areas.

Whereas the two backed beast you referred to in an earlier post, has Red Russel (in reference to his communist party membership - not his hair colour) leading the policy of Liarbour leader Shearer. And good on Red for playing the politics well.

I have seen others referring to this government as Nact, how does Nactmuffin sound to you?

Armchair Critic said...

Very good paranormal. Nactmuffin - I'm loving it.