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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Warmest regards (for paranormal)

Lord Christopher Monckton writes in today's Southland Times:

The monstrous conspiracy of global warming, perpetrated by a scandalously huge majority of the scientific world, persists.

The latest outrageous deception is the attempt to ascribe some sort of significance to the "fact" that Antarctic Peninsula is melting in summers at a level not seen for 1000 years. This requires us to take on blind faith the assumption that this so-called continent exists outside the minds of alarmists.

To point to Antarctica's presence on maps is a fatuous nonsense. When was the last time a scientist came out and acknowledged that Antarctica didn't feature in the early maps used by some of the world's most intrepid and admired explorers? Has anyone even asked who first added it, and for what reasons? Certainly not the uncritical mainstream news media. What proof do we have, beyond anecdotal reports from those who claim to have been there - a perfect way for any ne'er-do-well who needs to cover his tracks to disappear from scrutiny for long stretches at a time?

As for satellite imaging purporting to show the presence of some southern polar mass; it is already a well-established fact that images can be doctored. You could just as easily insert an Atlantis in the same space. The latest report describes the so-called continent as the "Antarctic Circle" when even those fabricated images show something that is far from perfectly round. The global warming brigade can't even get that part of their story straight.

Then there is the highly questionable issue of timing and the assumption that the world is more than 1000 years old. Nowhere in the Old or New Testament will you find references to the terms "BC" or "AD". The hands that wrote the scriptures under guidance from the Holy Spirit did not insert these misleading signposts; they were added centuries later by worldly monarchs taking their eyes off scripture and falling under the thrall of that most perilously fashionable of disciplines, mathematics. In any case, they got it wrong. Nowhere in these calendars do they allow for the year 0, rendering them mathematically unsound. Surely another kick in the credibility goolies for global warming.

The latest report also claims that the Antarctic Circle (sic) has seen the most extreme global warming on Earth since the 1960s - a decade widely associated with hallucinogenic drug-taking. Hardly a trustworthy basis for any serious comparison. Any evidence gathered in that decade must be dismissed out of hand. And how many of the scientists at present pleading with the world to react gained their so-called degrees in that decade? We shudder to think.

The breathtaking vanity of those who believe in anthropomorphic global warming must also be confronted and rejected. Not necessarily in that order. If history has taught us anything - and the jury is still out on that - it's that mankind's assumption that we could materially influence the glorious majesty of the natural world speaks of nothing other than our failure to accept our own insignificance. An unspeakable vanity. Whatever came of our attempts to influence the seasons by sacrificing beasts, virgins and the like? Nothing. Do rain dances end droughts? Of course not. Did all our teeny tiny attempts to split atoms in ways that might generate huge discharges of energy result in any explosions of truly global consequence? Not so far, buster.

We need to worry about today and let the future take care of itself. Should the day ever come that climatic calamity is upon us, and we are up to our armpits in hard evidence, that is the time to sit back in restful contemplation and give consideration as to what exactly we should or shouldn't have done. Until then it's all conjecture.


Steve MItchell said...

sarcasm methinks :)

robertguyton said...

What, from our editor???