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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Human Climate Change Is Wrecking the Jet Stream; UK Met Office Calls Emergency Meeting

Robertscribbler says:
"The UK Met recently called an emergency meeting with the world’s top climate scientists to discuss how melting polar ice is radically altering that country’s weather. A permanent blocking high pressure system has formed over Greenland. This high has, effectively, caused the Arctic to invade the UK with increasing ferocity. The state is now so extreme that the Met is calling a meeting of the world’s climate experts to discuss what the future may hold."

Read more...  (Hat-tip John Purey-Cust)


darkhorse said...

Rossby waves are what they are RG when the jet stream meanders and what do you think our summer was caused by -similar process -big blocking high in the downstream of good old hot australia - big low forms over OZ from the heat the big red country absorbs and we get the downstream effect

we had one two years ago as well if you remember southland's dry spring

robertguyton said...

I remember you telling me this some time ago, darkhorse. I recognised then that you know what you are talking about.
How's the climate in Australia, I wonder?