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Monday, April 29, 2013

Despicable Mr Key

"Mr Key told media yesterday that, once the next Government enacts NZ Power and lowers families’ power bills by $300 a year, a future National Government would scrap the policy and reinstate the current system, which has seen power prices rise by over $300 a year on Mr Key’s watch. 
  Mr Key has previously stated he will quit politics if he loses an election. 
“The Greens, along with Labour, have proposed NZ Power to bring down electricity prices because it is the right thing to do for Kiwi families and businesses.
 Mr Key’s threats of revenge from beyond the political grave will not impress New Zealanders who are sick and tired of paying too much for power,” said Mrs Turei."

New Zealanders are going to love that, Mr Key. OnceNZPower is in place and our electricity bills have fallen to the level they should be, you'll re-install the power companies that are presently ramping up power prices for their own profit.

Shows whose side you come down on, doesn't it.


fredinthegrass said...

I fear something is missing in your argument for cheaper power, Rg.
Are you sure there will not be a counter charge to balance this that will be borne by the very people who have had the power account reduced.
I understand as a 'retired man of the land' this may be a little difficult for me to grasp so would appreciate enlightenment from your kind self.

robertguyton said...

What 'counter-charge', Fred?
Are you just scare-mongering with a vague allusion in order to take the gloss off what is clearly a very good proposal?
The 'privatized power company'model is patently a failed one. I listen to my Grey Power friends on this one and they are unequivocal about this. the 'Bradford' promise proved false. The prospect of 'power management' through a controlled agency rings true to them (and to me). I laugh at the Right's foaming about 'economic sabotage' by the Left with their declaration of what they will do once elected (it's coming!) yet not a squeak from them when Key does the same thing. Hypocrisy, I say. In fact, I don't mind Key's counter claim. It makes him look ridiculous. He's said he won't stay if he's not PM (he won't, I'm certain) and yet claims his Government will do this in 6 years time. That's nothing but a funny joke, when you think about it. Desperate measures from a silly man on the way out.

fredinthegrass said...

I asked for enlightenment, Rg. The only light I see in your comments is in the far distance - similar to the light we saw as we emerged from the tunnels on the Whangamomona rail line while travelling in golf carts last weekend.
I too listen to my Grey Power friends - rather demented lot on the whole. Thoroughly pleasant company but largely ensconced in the past.
Key is quite rational when compared to the ravings of Mr. Shearer and side-kick NNNNNorman. This policy is what it seems - an empty promise designed to rattle the electorate with no substance, detail, or chance of 'running' without a massive cost to the people of our fine country. Mind you, Rg, brilliant timing!!

robertguyton said...

Yes, Fred, good timing. They are to be congratulated for that. Good proposal too - stopping the rapacious power companies from hiking up the prices to feed their shareholders and executives. Why shouldn't the ordinary New Zealander get affordable electricity through a government managed initiative? It seems more than fair to me. Pharmac works that way and is applauded for the way it benefits Kiwis. I think it will run and as a bonus, it will run Key and his greedy mates right out of office. "This policy is what it seems" - very good, Fred. You got it!

fredinthegrass said...

Rg, your naivety astounds me. For a man of your intellect I am surprised you have been hoodwinked by the "spin" of the extreme left.
You are mistaken about Pharmac.
You r totally misinformed about cheaper electricity.
The power companies are only working in the frame work the left so generously gave them.
The money we shareholders get we return to the community by investing in "job" industries.
We pay generous amounts of tax.
I have a tad of empathy re executive "reward" - somewhat generous I believe.

Paranormal said...

What Fredinthegrass said. Although I am still doubtful that it is naivety speaking, when you are so clearly a political animal.