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Saturday, April 20, 2013

An end to outrageous electricity bills

Thank you, Green Party. Thank you Labour Party.


Paranormal said...

I think you'll find Darryl Kerrigan has a message for you.

robertguyton said...

I'm more interested in the message from Shearer and Norman. It's a mighty big spanner and brings me much delight.

Paranormal said...

I can imagine RG.

Just shows how low Liarbour have slumped. From being able to keep the Greens at bay on the left whilst wooing Winston, they now have to turn hard left to maintain any chance of gaining the treasury benches. For all his bluster on The Nation, I wouldn't trust Winston not to do a sweetheart deal with the Gnats.

He will have more power as a single player with the Gnats than as one of may players in a left coalition. Just goes to show how stuffed the Gnats strategy has always been and just how tribal politics is in NZ.

It will be an interesting campaign in 2014 after all.

Armchair Critic said...

It certainly will be an interesting election, and unless things really turn to custard it's a long way away.
Lower electricity prices are a simple message that will strike a chord. It will be interesting what the next lot of polls say, and how National go about knocking the message back.

robertguyton said...

Here's my 'letter to the ed'

Labour and the Greens have promised to provide all New Zealanders with
much lower power bills and cut the obscene profits the power companies and
their over-paid executives take from us all.
In response, John Key has thrown his toys out of his cot and hurled
childish insults at everyone who disagrees with him. It's an embarrassing
display of petulance from the Prime Minister.
We all pay too much for electricity and anyone who comes up with a good
idea that makes electricity more affordable for everyone deserves better
than cheap-shots from a man who never has to worry about paying a power

Robert Guyton