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Friday, March 8, 2013

Lucrative gardening

I'm jealous. My gardening brings me very little by way of money, yet I work quite hard at it (see previous post :-) Don Elder, on the other hand, dabbles in his garden, if he does anything at all, yet he receives $1 million per year, for pottering about his carrots and cauli.
It's disgusting, in my view, that a man who has run up massive debts for taxpayers, can exit the position he managed so badly, and merely slip into the most highly paid gardening position in the country, perhaps the world, without a word from him about what he did to ruin the country's biggest mining company.
He's untouchable, it seems. Those huge bonuses he was being paid were offered for this very reason, I suppose. Don will have his name dragged through the mud, quite rightly, but will take it on the chin, because he's wrapped it in wads of $10 000 notes.

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