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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Wizard turns 80

The words of the Wizard of New Zealand feature in the latest edition of The PostMan Gazette (Free to Good Homes) and they are well worth reading, if you can get a copy.
  I've met and spoken with the Wizard, once, perhaps 6 or 7 years ago, in Oamaru. Since that meeting I've given some thought to his mission. This article, "Re-Enchanting the World" takes my interest further as well as surprises me with the news that the Wizard is the age he is. I hadn't thought him so ancient :-) The Wizard of New Zealand's attempts to re-enchant the world are engaging to read about and to watch through the youtube clips on his official website. He speaks very well and is mightily adroit.
Here's the final paragraph from the Gazette article:

Can anyone stop the financial wizards?
The only wizards or "disenchanted" academic, religious and political leaders really believe in are financial wizards who are using verbal and mathematical mumbo jumbo to create credit out of nothing and turn us all into their debt slaves. Their greed and stupidity is destroying both our belief in our own personal magic and our social and natural environments. This is Disenchantment with a capital D!
The 'elephant in the room' is starting to get restless.

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