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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sapping teacher strength

Would National conspire to weaken teacher morale with an unacceptably faulty pay system?

Of course they would.

That's what some are saying.


Bioneer said...

I'm full-time but currently being paid for 3 days a week, maybe I should stop working 7 (and public holidays...)

robertguyton said...

Ring Steven Joyce for a chat. Ask after Hekia.

Paranormal said...

I don't believe that for a minute - they're just too incompetent.

Another question could be, is this union inspired sabotage with improper data entry?

Overall it does provide a strong argument for bulk funding.

robertguyton said...

The unions are the villians!

You won't get any traction, anywhere with that oxygen-thin theory, paranormal.
Nothing on this planet provides a good argument for bulk funding.
It's a more flea-ridden dog even, than Novapay.

Paranormal said...

I was merely suggesting that up there with your conspiracy theory about the gnats should be placed, on an equal footing, a theory around union culpability. From the reports there certainly appears to be an element of PEBCAC.

But hang on a mo - you'd be the first one to talk about local being best. Surely local pay would be far better than centralised Wellington pay. The system before Novopay was broken, hence the reason for bringing in Novopay with all its attendant problems. What is missing is the critical eye test of someone on the ground asking - "is it right a caretaker is paid $12k in a week?" that is missing in the large centralised systems.

You just stick with your unionised mantra. It's really helping the kids - NOT.

robertguyton said...

The system before Novopay wasn't 'broken', paranormal, it was outdated and in need if up-dating. Novopay was supposed to be that modern, capable system, but enough care wasn't taken with it's implementation. Bill English and crew failed to do their job properly and launched a dog.
I don't have a 'unionized mantra' - I'm not a teacher and I don't belong to any union.

Paranormal said...

It's hard to tell you're not a typical union lackey RG with your faithful repitition of the union mantra around bulk funding. Is it a case of once one, always one? I notice you didn't comment on the contradictory position you take on some things local is best but not others.

BTW I think you will find the 'outdated' system was considered broken which was why all agreed it needed to be replaced - a decision implemented by Liarbour. Which is not to deny the gnats have also made a pigs ear of it.

As an aside have you seen this:

robertguyton said...

In the early days of my teaching career, I was subject to a visit by Bill English and his wife Mary, who came to our staffroom in order to push the 'bulk funding' idea. I knew nothing of politics then, but felt repelled by their approach and seeming obsession with this idea. I listened, but didn't like what they were saying at all. It sounded...'dodgy' to say the least. Since then, I've talked to many people about the idea and am at this point even more opposed to it, mostly because of the ramifications beyond the seemingly simple concept.