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Monday, February 18, 2013

Outdoor world

It's very warm outside. I've been transplanting red currant bushes, amongst other garden tasks. My dogwood has produced an enormous crop of berries and I've netted the tree in order to harvest them before the thrushes do. The berries taste quite good. I intend to collect the stones from inside of the fruits and grow more dogwoods for sale to dogwood or fruit fanciers.
The fig tree I planted at the corner of the veranda is growing quickly and will someday disrupt the foundations of my house, probably, but I find them very Old Testament and so will let it be. A garden of Eden would not be complete without a fig and its modesty-providing leaves.
On the veranda, lies the garlic I grew this season, variously plaited by Gabriella.


Ray said...

Nice garlic Robert, if that is a recent photo then it proves what a late season it has been
I put mine in early May and it was still well into January before I lifted it (Serpentine early)
Usually shortest day longest day
I am sure you know that the flower heads should be cut off (and stir fried) for best yields
Love the plaiting

robertguyton said...

A very late season, Ray. my woofers did the work and tomorrow, they'll fry the flower-heads :-)