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Monday, February 11, 2013

Hollie and Dayna went paddling

They took the blue canoe, filled it with picnic and set off for the far shore of the Jacobs' River estuary where the stone-remains of the building Hollie's Great Grandmother was married in still stand.
While waving them off, I spotted these flowers.


Anonymous said...

That's Scarlet Pimpernel. It's a sweet wee flower and closes up when it's about to rain.

Shunda barunda said...

There's nothing quite like rowing/paddling a boat to some distant shore.
We have 7 large lakes within an hours drive from our place, my boys and I have been doing a bit of fishing (and often just floating). My 10 year old Son and I ended up sitting on one lake till after midnight one evening. Rowing back under the moonlight was just magic.
Mum was worried!!

robertguyton said...

Ah, wildcrafty - I thought as much, but was reaching back to something I'd been told when I was a boy, so didn't want to make the claim. What a great name! Does anyone cultivate her, I wonder, and how does she manage to survive out there in the wild without help? She's so delicate.

robertguyton said...

I'll bet she was! You're right about the magic of night-time rowing though; my boys and I, plus 5 others took a Sea Scouts 8-man row boat (can't remember what it's called) out on the estuary under a full-moon one night - spellbinding and risky too - we had to follow the channels so as not to ground the thing and it was not at all apparent where they were.

Shunda barunda said...

Nothing like fresh water though Robert, huge old Podocarps silhouetted in the sunset (and then moon light), perfectly still, the only sounds from the occasional bird and the weird 'slurping' of eels along the banks.

I can send you photo's!!

robertguyton said...

The slurping of eels!
Sounds like a scene from the Princes Bride - the Cliffs of Insanity looming in the background, Buttercup crouching timorously in the bow of the yacht, Fezzik and Inigo all empty-headed and the Sicilian's brain whirring away fit to ignite...the eels! But what's that, on the horizon, closing fast? Inconceivable!

I'd love to see the photos, Shunda. Are you still putting images up on your blog?