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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gillard says jump, Key says how high?

Feeling queasy over Key's fawning acquiescence to Gillard's demand that we take some of Australia's refugee over-flow? Key's followers should be. The party he fronts has railed frothily against accepting boat-people but haven't made a peep following Key's butter-wouldn't melt announcement of the new deal he brokered with the Australian Prime Minister. He's wrapped it all in a transparent attempt to frighten everyone with tales of incoming hordes of desperate boat-people, but we all know that's tripe. Even Gillard rolled her eyes at the suggestion that the boats are heading to New Zealand - she's not that daft as to believe anyone would chose to make the extra, deadly effort to cross the Tasman Sea when her own big country is right there in front of them. The whole deal makes Key look weak as dishwater.


Shane Pleasance said...

Makes him look that way? Is he not?

robertguyton said...

Some folks cain't see it for lookin'.