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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Your blows are like the gentle rain


Shunda barunda said...

Ha! I was just this minute talking to a young tourist couple about your sons and their knight fighting ways!

I found the tourists at Otira while I was photographing the magnificent rata bloom, they were hungry and tired so I took them home to stay the night. They've been here for 3 days now (we let them camp in our house out the back).

They are cooking us a vegetarian meal tonight (my first lentil soup!) and have been great company.
They are heading down to Stewart Island around about the 9th of Feb and I suggested that they may like to check Riverton out and maybe Mr and Mrs Guytons organic shop. I told them about your food forest and they seemed very interested, so I wondered whether you may like to give them a tour? they seemed very keen to help out in the garden too if you were keen. What do you reckon Mr G? should I send them your way?

robertguyton said...

Send them down, Shunda - they can update us on "news Barunda" and in return I'll lose them in my jungle. I've three keen young things staying at the moment (Daisy, English, Gabriella, Canadian and Blake, American), so they might just have to make it a day-visit, but if they think they'd like to visit, they are very welcome. Stewart island is wonderful just now, following this hot, dry weather.

Shunda barunda said...

Thanks Robert, I'll let them know. They have a wee tent so they would probably be happy to camp somewhere in Riverton or the surrounding area.
The soup they made was delicious by the way. I think these vegetarians might be on to something.

I might make a habit out of this hospitality thing, it's really interesting talking to people with such a different perspective to 'the regulars' living around these parts.
I feel inspired, which is a really good thing after the last couple of months of 'flatness'.

robertguyton said...

How did the 'lets just pour this crap into the river' incident turn out?

Shunda barunda said...

They got fined, but a $750.00 fine is just about cheaper than taking it to the landfill.

It was confirmed to be lead paint.

They will just make sure no one is looking next time, $750 is nothing to a large contractor.

robertguyton said...

Lead paint, eh!
Duck hunters pour lead into the wetlands and rivers every duck-shooting season and do it without censure.
Go figure.

Shane Pleasance said...

Just a flesh wound.

Paranormal said...

Yet again RG you are years behind the times. Lead was banned over water in the early 2000's.

It was debatable whether duck shooters lead actually caused harm, but it was banned anyway. Now you have the joy of ducks being wounded by lighter steel shot. That was one of the main reasons I gave up duck hunting.

robertguyton said...

Not so far behind, paranormal. 20 gauge shotguns can still legally fire lead shot, and do, repeatedly. That waterfowl die from ingesting lead pellets isn't debatable - it's simple enough to prove and has been proven over and over. 38 countries outside totally ban the use of lead shot, New Zealand has a partial ban that has a loophole as wide as you like. It's argued that New Zealand duckhunters could learn to shoot effectively with steel and other shot, as hunters in other countries do, if only they were willing to try.