Friday, January 25, 2013


There are all sorts of comments being made following yesterday's 'confidence' vote in Ali Timms. My own, gleaned by the Southland Times reporter immediately following the meeting;

"The air on Planet Timms must be very thin. Those who live there seem to find rational thinking very difficult. I listened to the arguments put forward by the other councillors and found they lacked depth...that said, the decision has been made.",

pales into insignificance beside that of Stags27's , left on the Southland Times facebook page;

"I wouldn't really call 7-5 a motion of confidence....... especially when one of those votes was your own!! What a disgrace".

Maurice Rodway, in typically economical fashion, said he felt most people wanted Ms Timms to step down, but accepted the decision.


Wally Ingram said...

Robert, can you post up a transcript of the infamous, but hilarious, phone call?

robertguyton said...

Sorry, Wally, I don have a transcript, but you can listen to the conversation here.