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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Speckled eggs

Why would my hen, who previously laid monochrome eggs, suddenly lay this dappled number?


Shane Pleasance said...

If Guyton doesn't know, what chance have us concrete dwellers?

Joe W said...

Gerard Manley Hopkins syndrome.

robertguyton said...

Ah, Shane. I'd often wondered what was your country of birth.
You're a Concretian.

robertguyton said...

Dr Joe - of course! That rare and previously unreported egg malady!
Spotty things get me every time.
Except dalmatians. They seem the most stupid of dogs.

Paranormal said...

Or perhaps a marauding (or is that ravishing) cock pheasant?

robertguyton said...

My girls!
I'd better release the hound.

robertguyton said...

(not a dalmation)