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Friday, January 11, 2013

Shell forgets to mention...

The Shell big-wigs visited Invercargill recently to promote their plans to drill the Great South Basin.
They invited various 'leaders' to their presentation and I went too.
My two questions: 'will you pay a bond?' and 'what about climate change' caused them to pucker, but they forged ahead with the 'good news for Southland' meme. Apparently, they are scrupulously careful and take every precautuion.
They neglected, however, to mention this:

"Last year, Royal Dutch Shell preemptively sued the Sierra Club because they believed (correctly) that we would say that oil drilling in the Arctic's Chukchi and Beaufort seas is both risky and unsafe. Turns out  that they didn't need us to make that case after all -- they've done an excellent job themselves: Their ships have caught fire, their spill cleanup equipment was destroyed during testing, and at the last  minute, they admitted they couldn't comply with their clean air permits.
  Then, on New Year's Day, a Shell Oil rig carrying over 150,000  gallons of petroleum products broke free from its tugboat and ran aground near Kodiak Island, Alaska."

Read all about it here:

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