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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pizza sur l'herbe

Temperatures yesterday soared upwards as the day progressed and by evening, we were all roasting - baking in fact, pizza, in our cob-oven. Our friends and neighbours braved the jungle paths to join us for a pizza picnic on the grass. It was all gloriously hot and enjoyable. We cooked and ate many pizza (see photos), along with Rike's delicious gooseberry anniversary cake, homemade ginger beer, elderflower cordial and a beer or two.
Just like Yogi Bear, I like pic-a-nics!

The sky looked like this


Robert Winter said...

Please don't think me picky, but it is, in France at least, "sur l'herbe' (though I undedstand that usage may change in the Deep South).

robertguyton said...

It is too, Robert!
I'll make le change, toot sweet :-)

(Looked it up - it's 'tout de suite'. Who knew?)

Usage does change, down here. Our American visitors call them 'erbs, though spell it with an haitch.

Robert Winter said...

And the pizzas do indeed look to be delicious!