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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Devonshire t

We have a Devonshire Quarendon growing in our garden. It's an apple tree. It comes from Devon. So does Daisy. Daisy suggested we have Devonshire tea and scones with lashings of cream and jam, under the tree. Daisy made the scones, Hollie whipped the cream, Robyn made the tea.
I provided the cider (?)
Here are the women, taking tea in the 30 degree heat.


Ray said...

I feel your pain Robert, whipped cream !!
Clotted is the standard, something I am sure you could have knocked up
I tried the real stuff a couple of months ago and while not a fan of cream found it was really something.
In fact I said to the owner that they would need a larger door if I lived closer,they kindly pointed out that the door was actually a double one so that would not be a problem

robertguyton said...

We bemoaned the lack of clotted cream, Ray, or sure! Earlier that day, we'd made butter from cream, so we had butter milk, and that went into the scone making. Still, we didn't let that spoil the otherwise perfect afternoon. Daisy told us all about her research into the three hares. I as very interested. You may know something of them. I'll post on them soon, most likely.