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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blooming roadsides

The Southland Times published my letter about Southland's roadsides in this morning's edition.
Already, one Southlander has rung me to say that the roadsides where he lives (Kennington) are still being blasted with herbicide, much to his disgust. I encouraged him to write to the editor and share his dismay at the destructive practice.
* Update: two phone calls and an email! That's quite a good response to what is a relatively gentle letter. Perhaps that's the secret - a sunny visage!

Southland roadsides a blooming pleasure

I've been driven around a lot of Southland's roads lately (my daughter's learning to drive - white-knuckle stuff that!) and have noticed how well the roadsides are looking. Gone are the days when they were sprayed bare with herbicide and looked bleached and dead. The verges are now neatly mowed or allowed to flower and what flowers there are; daisies, lupins, mullien and yarrow, flourishing harmlessly and attractively alongside of backroads and even stretches of highways such as the one that links Riverton with Invercargill. The roadside wild-flowers of Southland are looking a treat. Congratulations to those who are responsible for the change to a more natural management of what was once a problem area. Those colourful displays almost make the high-tension task of teaching a novice driver an enjoyable experience.


Anonymous said...

I am impressed. Last time I was down that way, I found the lack of roadside biodiversity depressing. Not that Otago is that much better, but Southland did seem to excel at a certain sparse look.

I thought the tone of your letter well pitched :-)

robertguyton said...

Thank you, wildcrafty.
I still find the roadsides here to be sparse, by my standards but I'm determined to change that both through action and well-pitched publicity :-)