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Thursday, January 3, 2013

All hail Riverton!

Good morning, weather-lovers! We've got some for you today, here in Riverton; thunder, lightning and hail.
Rainbows too.


Ray said...

What, no snow
Quite a dump in South Canterbury, if you were up early enough to see it
And to quote my dearest
"Where is climate warming when you need it"

robertguyton said...

None at all, Ray. The view from your lounge window must have been very Christmas-y. And to answer your dearest, if I may, it's doing just as we were told it would do; making a mess of our old expectations and roughing us up more and more as time goes by.
That said, it's sunny and warm here now. I've been outside potting-up young wineberry and hazels.
Crazy weather.