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Friday, December 21, 2012

Vegetable of the year

And the winner is...this broccoli. I grew it ( it grew, would be more accurate, I suppose) and its mate, amongst the aloe vera, Isle of Capri tomatoes, scarlet runners and rhubarb, along the sunny wall of the garage, so it had to fight for its place in the world. I've not cared much for brassicas before, aside from kale, so this fine broccoli (not yet fully grown) is something of a novelty for me. You might have something more impressive, but it's too late, the title has been claimed :-)


fredinthegrass said...

A fine "head", Rg.
Long been a fan of broccoli - a most nutritious veg - and one to enjoy till the white butterfly shares it with you.
Mind you then you get 'meat' with your veg!!!!The wee green caterpillars can be difficult to find and dislodge.

robertguyton said...

I plucked three of four off mine for the photo :-)