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Monday, December 24, 2012


These two were under the netting and gorging themselves on red currants, til I nabbed them!


Ray said...

So, do you turn them into cat food or release them now that they are trained thieves?
Probably 50/50 in my case but wondering what someone of a green disposition does or should do

robertguyton said...

I've invested in about a thousand metres of second-hand ex-central Otago orchard netting and am in the process of draping every berry bush with that - the birds won't get through the voluminous nets that now make my garden look as though it's been snowed-upon. The two berry-thieves are free to try their luck again, but they'll be thwarted. That said, there are many bushes that I'm leaving exposed - don't want to be greedy and I have legions of them!

Ray said...

Fair enough, I agree netting is the way to go and i don't mind sharing except for the strawberries and cherries

robertguyton said...

and the blueberries.

fredinthegrass said...

And the raspberries. Have just had built a raspberry house, now filled with Clutha and Waiau plants. We have tasted our first (few) raspberries, and OH the delight!!.
My brother-in-law commented that if our house was damaged in a wind storm we would at least have the raspberry house left to shelter in!?
A friend asked when I thought "payback" would be? I had to admit it was probably around 2025.

A very happy Christmas, Rg, to you and yours.

robertguyton said...

Payback comes when the first raspberry passes your lips, Fred!
Our (outdoor) raspberries have also just reached the point of ripeness and I had my first yesterday, dutifully served up to me by my non-colour-blind wife, Robyn. I can't see the little beggars!
I may build a berry house one day - I've enough netting for a stadium-sized one!

robertguyton said...

Oh, and happy Christmas to you, Fred!