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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pro-council letters

Two letters in today's Southland Times supporting the regional council and it's two outspoken councillors Rodway and Riddell over the issue of shitty roads. Dave Kennedy wrote the first, Pauline McIntosh the second and both refer to the earlier diatribe from TR McNaughton in less than flattering terms. Here's Dave's letter:

Collaboration needed

T R McNuaghton's unfortunate letter (December 3) was inflammatory and unhelpful. Nothing could have been more "antagonastic and belligerent" than what he wrote himself.
  Those who have personally encountered Maurice Rodway and Jan Riddell know them as decent people who would rather work collaboratively to solve a problem than take an antagonastic or aggressive approach.
  The fact that they are passionate about protecting the environment is not cause to liken them to "treacherous and blood minded barbarians" What they had written was factual and reasonable and returned our attention to the real issue of dirty roads and not a distracting side issue.
  Environment Southland is in a difficult position in that there is no effective legislation or nationally set guidelines that enable it to control effluent on roads or to set standards on water quality.
  The Government's reluctance to take a lead on these issues has meant the responsibility unfairly rests with local councils and every time they try to draw a line in the sand it is perceived as contestable.
  It is a fact that the growing intensification of farming in New Zealand has had some serious environmental consequences (around 90% of our lowland rivers are unfit for swimming) but that doesn't mean that all dairy farmers are serious polluters or that Environment Councils are full of Green terrorists).
  We need a properly functioning regional authority to ensure that our environment is protected and we need good farmers who produce much needed food and export dollars in a manner that can be sustained over time.
  Demonising Environment Southland is as unhelpful as demonising farmers. We need them both and we do need them to work collaboratively.


Shunda barunda said...

I'm about to write an anti council letter, the West Coast regional council just sprayed 2km of the Grey river along the towns entire water front. Every single native plant has been exterminated from the river bank well above the main bridge into town all the way to the sea!! It is the most destructive thing I have ever witnessed a local body undertake. They say it's to protect flood infrastructure from "roots" I would suggest if the flood wall is vulnerable to flax and toe toe roots then we have a serious problem. An entire unique coastal ecosystem toward the sea end has been completely destroyed, I felt utter dismay when I saw it.

robertguyton said...

Is a letter enough, Shunda?
March on their office, spray their pot-plants. Whatever it is you do, keep us in the loop. This is a story I'd like to be part of.

Shunda barunda said...

I've already had a very 'tense' discussion with the person responsible.
I feel like I am just wasting my time with certain projects up here. I am nervously waiting for the spray to kick in on the northern side of the river which I just discovered has had the same bloody treatment!
It is an absolute disgrace, they even sprayed the native salt tolerant ground covers near the sea! why!?!?!?.
If you have any information on how Southland manages vegetation on flood walls, stop banks etc, I would be extremely grateful. The vegetation on the town side was growing on rock rip rap and I faile to see how the flax and toe toe would have caused anything but a positive effect. Is Simon Moran still working at your council? He will know what I am talking about.

robertguyton said...

Damn philistines.
I'll get onto it.