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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Newest pond

This one's small - about the size of a child's paddling-pool, and is for tadpoles. I've lined it with paddled-clay and it's held its water overnight, so that's encouraging. If it gradually drains, I'll add more clay and paddle away for a while more. It's fun to do, and cheap! It it fails, I can shovel the earth back into it and no harm will have been done. If it works, and I expect it will, I'll have the mellifluous sound of whistling frogs to delight me on drizzly spring nights.
I'll plant the edges with suitably swampy plants, in which the frogs can secrete themselves and croak merrily. I'll introduce azolla to the water, where it will spread like a rash across the surface. Dragonflies will visit. Bees will drink here.
Next, the lizardarium, a much drier, hotter and rockier project.


Bioneer said...

Have your frogs 'frogged' at the correct time of year? Are the supposed to go with a particular season? Can you time them wrong

robertguyton said...

Yes they have. Yes they are. You could if you tried - it's possible to delay tadpole development by keeping their water cool, but it would mean they're too small to survive the winter, when that rolled around. My froglets are out in the world now, eating insects. With luck, they'll be a mix of genders and 50% of them will produce spawn next spring, while the other 50% provide the milt. And in the same place at the same time, then we'll have tadpoles galore!