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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cannabis in Canterbury

Farmers in Canterbury are growing cannabis sativa openly, and getting away with it!
Surely now, the conservative right wing will be mounting an attack on this hippy nonsense from their Canterbury brethren, but no. There's nary a peep of protest as hectare after hectare of the hemp crop goes into Canterbury soil.

  Here's the reason why:


Bill said...

Here in the U.S., on the other hand, our federal laws make no distinction between cannibas sativa with intoxicating levels of TCH (marijuana) and without (industrial hemp). So despite the fact that it was once an important cash crop here, there is no hemp produced in the U.S. these days and all the hemp used in the U.S. is imported. Glad to see you don't have such nonsensical laws.

robertguyton said...

We are not so enlightened as you might think, Bill, but yes, these Canterbury crops are very promising. Hemp seems an ideal plant for a raft of useful things. We need more of it. Presently, dairy cows are king here.They are very much less useful.

Gato said...

Hemp was a huge global industry until just after WW2. A combination of the cotton's and synthetic fibres' industries lobbies and the confusion between hemp and mariguana deal it a double deathly blow.
It is cool to see it making a comeback. It is a great fibre. Some potential enviro considerations if it were to become massively planted, but not much than any other crop (i.e. grapes).

robertguyton said...

I can see that an organically-managed hemp crop could be beneficial to the soil. Cotton, raised conventionally, quite the opposite.

Paranormal said...

And I understand if Hemp cross pollinates with cannabis it reduces the THC levels in the cannabis plants. A great result all round. Though some of your Green colleagues may not be so keen on that aspect.

robertguyton said...

It might too, paranormal and that might concern hose people who grow cannabis out of doors and nearby to the commercial crops, but I think you are very naive to think that all cannabis growers and users are Green.
I imagine the free-wheeling Libertarians I've met are equally partial to smoking it. Certainly, it's very popular with the true-blue Conservatives of Southland. Doubtless there are Labour voters who have tried it, and it's very obvious Peter Dunne has a long-standing relationship with the weed. His followers, being followers are also likely to be following his lead (all three of them). Key of course, claims he didn't inhale.

Paranormal said...

Quite true RG.

Though I am surprised that there are still commercial cannabis growers with the police trying to put them out of operation through their annual aerial seed spraying.