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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Master of the Universe

Well, no, but Master of Ceremonies and that's but one small step down from Benign Dictator of all Space and Time.
  I was MC tonight at the wedding reception for my niece and her now-husband, following their lovely ceremony in the gardens in town. There was lots of green, much of it tree, and tears and vows. It was charming and there was a swan - a pair of swans in fact, one atop her nest and the other on patrol - beware all ye who venture too close! Two Model A Fords too, to sweep the bride and groom away from the melee.
  I managed to ease the speech-makers through their performances, alert the guests to the arrival of the newly-weds, the cutting of the cake and the start of the dancing, without tripping over my own quips and so feel quite pleased with myself and certainly well wined and dined.
  A lovely time was had by all and now it's raining.

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