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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Key scores own goals

Sports writer Mark Reason gives the Prime Minister a yellow card in today's paper, under the heading,

"Prime Minister's verbal own-goals offend at every level".

 At least, that's the title in the Southland Times version. On-line it reads,

"John Key scores two own-goals for stupidity"

Even the sportspeople, those who cheered at Key claiming his place in the All Black line up, are calling him a dick-head on these latest brain-farts.

Mark Reason writes,

"It is a concern that a man with so little grasp of fairplay and language is in charge of sport and education in this country. I have just explained why "gay" is an inappropriate term of abuse to my 11-year-old. I shouldn't have to do the same with the prime minister. I'm starting to worry he might be a bit thick."


Joe W said...

Attempting to extend his use-by date by aping his kids.

robertguyton said...

Like an old man wearing a hoodie?
Mind you, Gandalf...

Shunda barunda said...

No one cares Robert.

The little band of social progressives and their special rules for themselves and their special rules for everyone else, are the ones that look like "dick heads".

Shunda barunda said...

In saying that, I still think Key is being an egg.