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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Federated Farmers' summer "Swim in our Rivers" tour.

Over on Frogblog, Viv asks a very good question:

"Time for the Federated Farmers Summer Swim in our Rivers Tour” ?

In a speech this week, Bruce Wills from Federated Farmers said

“when visitors look at our countryside and our waterways, they are struck by how pristine and clear they are.
I said to the journalist, can we do better? Yes of course we can. But, I strongly believe when you look at what we do and how we do it, we are way up there in terms of environmental performance.
I then ended by inviting him to come to New Zealand and see for himself. Nothing beats seeing with your own eyes.”

I reckon it’s time for Mr Wills to come and see for himself too. Grab your togs Bruce, fill up the ute and go check out those rural swimming holes for yourself. Since our waterways are pristine, you’d be happy to take the family along too for a dip in those clear waters.

Mr Wills also said “some Kiwis delight telling overseas conferences or media what we get wrong, whereas I like to focus on what we get right.”

“Delight”, I don’t think so…………..How twisted that comment is. Now as we know from the Unsworth email to Mike Joy, the line they are taking is that- you people are just wreckers & doomsayers who enjoy bad news. The rivers are filthy, but lets just focus on the positive.

Hey what about it? Can we ask Fed farmers & Bruce Wills to get wet? Russel did it in a kayak (that’s cos he’s not silly, he already knew the water was dirty) but these guys say it’s good."

Whaada ya say, Bruce and the boys - you up for it?


Paranormal said...

And they are. A friend of mine is training for a swim down the Waikato from Taupo to port Waikato. He is proving several points.

robertguyton said...

That the Waikato is clean enough to safely swim in? I await his report with eager anticipation. I wish him well with his swim, dirty water or no.