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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Today's fruitful letter to the editor

Robyn and I would like to congratulate those communities; Mataura, Edendale, Wyndham, Glengarry, Tokonui, South City and others that planted fruit trees this spring, in their parks and alongside of their streets.
  It shows confidence in the future when the people of a community invest in apple, plum and pear trees that will provide fruit for decades to come. 
 The generous people we met this planting season were all looking forward to the time when the people of their towns or suburbs, the children in particular, would be able to harvest what they needed from the fruit trees and be involved in planting more for the next generation as well.
  Southland has a tradition of on-farm and backyard fruit trees and now that there has been a revival of interest in locally-grown fruit, the planting of trees in the streets and parks will take Southland and her orchard heritage to a new level. 

 Robyn and Robert Guyton 

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