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Friday, October 12, 2012

The wisdom of bjchip

"The more I watch Key the more I am reminded of Richard Nixon."


Shunda barunda said...

Fertile imaginations much!!

At worst, Key would compare to a moderate democrat in the States.

Richard Nixon indeed.

I am getting worried for you guys, I really am.

robertguyton said...

Is he known as Keynoccio for nothing then, Shunda?

Marty Mars said...

I agree with the nixon thing - both became shiftier and shiftier with increasingly falser bravado and twitching eyes until it hurt to even look at them let alone believe them.

Shunda barunda said...

Politics is so boring in NZ, we could do with a 'Nixon' quite frankly.


At least the left wouldn't have to exaggerate so damned much!

robertguyton said...

Politics is so boring in NZ...


The ever-lengthening nose has me fascinated! You don't see that every day (though we are seeing that every day - that's the un-boring thing!