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Saturday, October 27, 2012

The quinces are flowering


Deborah said...


I planted one in Adelaide, and just before we left, it had 11 little promises of autumn preserves. Quinces and other things

robertguyton said...

You are a wonderful gardener, Deborah but how could you abandon your quinces :-)
Last year, our Riverton crop was superb and bountiful. This year looks to be twice that!
I love the pineapple-y fragrance and the down.
It took a few years for the tree(s) to begin to bear, but now there's no stopping them!

fredinthegrass said...

When would a good time be, Rg, to call? That is when will the quinces be ripe?
Hell! That is not even a little subtle!!
Remember as a wee lad the quince jam, chutney, and jelly my beloved Nan used to make.

robertguyton said...

There will be more than enough quinces for you, Fred, if you visit in the autumn. Apples too. I have medlar and pear, plum (they'll be gone but we freeze any excess), cherries (eaten) currants black, red and white (in the freezer). The cranberries will still be ripening and the blueberries nothing but a fond memory, but there will be quinces galore. Quince jam is lovely indeed. So is quince and apple crumble.