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Saturday, October 13, 2012


I don't buy the Listener, but my mother-in-law, bless her, does and when she's read them, she passes them on to me to skim through. I've just done that with a stack of back issues and found these three Slane cartoons which appeal to me, especially the one that has 'Sherlock' Key burning a hole in his own forehead (No, Shunda, I didn't say, Shylock :-)

Well done, Mr Slane!


Shunda barunda said...

I find myself becoming less and leas interested in politics. The reason is because all politicians are so detached from the real world that it is impossible to relate to any of them.

The only motivation to vote is to try and balance issues that affect society, but it is never because there is any basis for confidence in their ability to lead on a range of issues.

For instance, welfare abuse has reached astonishing levels in this country and is developing into a permanent cultural problem, so one would consider voting for a government that will reform welfare for a term or two.
Much longer than that though and they will create a whole host of problems on the opposite end of the scale.

MPs of all parties are just so out of touch with the real world, they have in effect created a political aristocracy that prides itself in being separate.

robertguyton said...

Kevin Hague?

Shunda barunda said...

I have to admit, Kevin has surprised me somewhat. I respect him for getting involved with issues that are seen as perhaps less 'glamorous', (ACC etc) but very important to resolve.
He was also very good with the Pike river inquiry and was present for a lot of it.

But Kevin has some very strange colleagues in the Green party.

robertguyton said...

Sweeping statements about 'politicians' always turn me off, Shunda. I've known a number of national pollies and a brace of local body politicians and believe me, there are good'uns as ell as rotters. I like o support those who have integrity, as you might have heard me say before and those creatures (politicians with integrity) do exist. That their mates might be dizzy only worries me a little, as that's generally a personality thing.

Shunda barunda said...

But sweeping statements are so efficient! ;)

I want to believe you Robert, and I really mean that, I just see so little evidence of strong leadership on so many issues.

NZ isn't as bad as some people make it out to be, for instance, we aren't like the USA and I hate this constant connection of NZ to issues facing the States.
The left are absolutely shocking at using this tactic, to me it reeks of illegitimacy and lack of any real substance.

I think there are a lot of people in this country waiting to be inspired by something genuinely "us" not 'US'.

Shunda barunda said...

I've been reading a couple of books, one each written by a military leader and an enlisted man and the experience of war and leadership under pressure.

Interestingly, the best military leaders and soldiers developed a deep seated hatred of war and a love for peace. One of the chaps refused to fire a gun (for hunting etc) or even ever put on his uniform again when he got home.

One of the books was one of the best I have ever read, if not the best.

It makes me wonder whether the best politicians are the ones that have a deep seated hatred of politics, it's about getting the job done and nothing else.

Someone said to me that only a crisis generates leaders like that, maybe that's the great weakness of our species, we can't preempt calamity!!

robertguyton said...

Preempting calamity?

I do it every time I turn the taps of in the bath, before the water reaches the rim.
There are those who regularly sound the water-level alarm loud and clear, but are deemed 'alarmists' and ignored.

Shunda barunda said...

And yet "alarmists" in the negative sense, do actually exist.

Or do you believe in the 'rapture' Robert?

robertguyton said...

There are alarmists all over, Shunda.
Just the other day, Russel Norman proposed a discussion on the economy that was to include a subtle version of quantitative easing and you should have heard the alarmists wailing, "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!"

I thought perhaps it the Rapture, but in the case of the Chicken Littles, more 'rupture'.


Shunda barunda said...

Hey, you're right Robert, with Russel's help we will be cranking up the economy in no time, manufacturing all sorts of consumer goods, and helping people buy all the tacky crap that makes them 'happy'.


I thought for a minute there we would all have to adjust our values due to resource depletion and start taking more care of the environment!

Shunda barunda said...

I've had a bad couple of days. A dog broke into my nursery and ripped a whole lot of plants to bits (God knows why), it's been raining for two weeks and the kids are stir crazy (and one has a broken collar bone), I just found out vandals have done a number on one of my favorite projects, I got a bill I wasn't expecting, the toilet won't flush and I've got a crook guts from drinking too much coffee!!

robertguyton said...

You're lucky to have coffee.

I've run out.

Shunda barunda said...

Well, I would offer you one, but you're waaaay down there...... and it would be almost cold by the time it reached you if I post you one....

robertguyton said...

It's the thought that counts, and I'm enjoying that virtual coffee right now.
Hope your dog-eaten plants recover and the vandals get told off by their mummies.