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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rachael Stewart of the Taranaki Daily News begins with: 

"Events of late find me 100 per cent convinced that John Key's smug reign has finally breached any normal person's tolerance for absurdity. I use the word "normal" lightly because enough people, but not most, voted for these bumblers."

And closes thus:

"So, that's just a random sampling of the brainless, embarrassing blunders and stumbles we are subjected to on a daily basis. Our nation's reputation is taking a hammering like never before and our citizens continue to leave in droves.

What can we do about it? Nothing until an election, but, in the meantime, how about holding some National voters accountable?

Remind them what they've done to the rest of us. Shame them out. Buy over-ripe tomatoes. Throw them. Sleep deeply and well."

I like her work.

Reporter unable to bear the sight of PM


Shunda barunda said...

What a drama queen, you would think she's reporting on Nazi Germany.

So Key is a dick oooh! what a surprise.....

But is he the dickiest dick of all the dicks?? that's the whole problem isn't it........

robertguyton said...

Yeah, Shunda - he is.