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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Prime Minister has failed

Roger Dickie, executive of the Kyoto Forest Owners Association, slates John Key for misleading the country over New Zealand's Climate Change response, in the latest Straight Furrow.

"...Mr Key said, "The most damaging era of Labour's climate change policy is what happened in forestry. In the 50 years to 2003, New Zealand each year planted an average 30, 000 hectares of new forests. After Labour broke is word on forestry credits, we've had deforestation for the first time since those records began."
  In 2007 the media was describing this as a "chainsaw massacre. We will encourage tree planting, said the PM.
(Source: 50 by 50: New Zealand's Climate Change Target, speech by John Key to the National Party Northern Regional Conference, Whangarei 13 May 2007).
  Because of John Key and the National Party's broken promises, we are now seeing deforestation taking place on an unprecedented scale, the National Party's environmental legacy will be a massive bill for all New Zealand taxpayers.

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