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Monday, October 8, 2012

Knights and pirates

Paddy Lewis over at Credo Quia Absurdum Est has a post lamenting the death of bullrush at schools and the desirability of rough and tumble for growing boys, so in response, I'm posting these two photos that show my boys when they were young, being non-pc characters; pirates and knights, pausing from their battling just long enough for the photo, before rejoining the fray. Knight templar Terry beat his armour, helmet included, out of a discarded car bonnet with a blunt tomahawk. Whenever he wore the jagged-edged thing, I feared he'd sever his own head, rather than that of his opponent. He still wears his head today, as evidenced in the next post...

 The Motley Crew with  Cptn Jack Sparrow adopting a nonchalant pose at bottom right.

Sir Terrance the Red Cross knight. Out of shot, his arsenal of  maces, broadswords,  hammers and  pikes.


The Masked Avenger said...

Quality tinwork there.

robertguyton said...

He's a dab-hand with the tomahawk.
You should see his customized car!

Shane Pleasance said...

Bloody fantastic!

robertguyton said...

Now he jumps from building top to building top!
When he reaches his dotage, I see wheelchair jousting!