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Monday, October 8, 2012

How to avoid paying tax, with Peter Dunne

If you are very wealthy and would like to avoid paying tax, so Peter Dunne - he will see you right! Seems we are a haven for the very rich and delight in providing a service that allows them to keep all of their money for themselves, rather than having it taxed, the way we lesser beings do. Mr Dunne, all scrubbed and sincere, says it is quite alright for New Zealand to be offering this service to the super-rich of the world, because...because it is! John Key supports his man Dunne, saying it is not illegal, so it is alright with him!
This National Government and the Ministers who slink around her heels are a venal lot who are so far removed from ordinary New Zealanders that they cannot even see when their venality is on display.
No Right Turn says:

If another country - the Cook Islands, say - was doing this to us, we would call it exactly what it is: evasion. And we would be pointing out to the world how anti-social it is. But when we provide this service to the world's plutocrats, its all OK. The hypocrisy is astounding.

But it also displays Dunne's attitudes. Dunne is rich - as a Minister outside Cabinet, he pulls down a cool $217,000 a year - and he's done that for a decade. So of course he approves of tax evasion. Whether this is an appropriate attitude for our Minister of Revenue to have is left as a question for voters.

Read his complete post here:


bsprout said...

Dunne has placed himself with the Party that suits him best, a man of the middle ground he is not.

And what ever happened to his Families Commission when families really needed support? I guess rich families have done well... all those who use trusts and tax havens to protect their wealth.

robertguyton said...

Heś a sniveling fellow, that Dunne :-)