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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Get Down to Earth #5

Craplings, quinoa, Powershift and much more...


renetsil said...

Thanks so much for putting this link in your blog...makes it so easy just to click on it and listen when it suits. I have been enjoying the programme immensely and had to smile when Robyn doesn't quite know what to say when you compliment her :)
I am interested in "poo" too and will enjoy telling everyone about all the "craplings" I have in the garden!!

robertguyton said...

Ha! I'm glad you're enjoying it, renetsil - we sure are enjoying putting it together. Our next programme features Jordan Wyatt, vegan extraordinaire. I'm looking forward to interviewing him - he's the Pun King. I'll be sure to put up the link and I'll try to throw in something or other about poo too.