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Friday, October 19, 2012

Fruit trees everywhere

Nick Kiddey is a man on a mission to get more fruit and nut trees planted in parks and streets in the Nelson region, to help people eat good food for free.
Each week Nick tries to take time out to bicycle around Nelson city, foraging from the many fruit and nut trees that already exist in its suburbs, and he's hoping it's an activity that will catch on.
He is helping to lead the charge in the Nelson region for more food-producing trees and bushes to be planted in public spaces, through a concept called "open orchards".

This article (read the rest here) features our good friend Nick and the spread of the Open Orchard project throughout the country. Today's Southland Times (article not online...yet) describes how far it has got in Southland - a long way, that is, and the involvement of the District Council. They've bought and planted a number of the trees we from the old 'parent' trees from around the area and have taken our original project to the next level - local government involvement.
It's very gratifying.

Nick's a great guy, btw and gave my career a nudge in the right direction by doing what he does best - recognising opportunity.


Shane Pleasance said...
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Shane Pleasance said...

Good old council. My old abode-ay could do with a little tickle-up too.

robertguyton said...

The Council's actions here are quite astonishing. We've not petitioned them at all, and theyǘee taken up the idea and actioned it! I have to say, I'm very pleasantly surprised :-)
Btw, Shane, we have a woman friend living out here whose name is...Pleasance!