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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ecan about-face?

National's two trumpets, Farrar and Slater are both 'expressing concern' about the decision by Amy Adams and David Carter, to extend the undemocratic reign of the Commissioners installed to replace the dumped-but-democratically-elected councillors of Environment Canterbury. They claim Adams and  Carter have done the wrong thing in ignoring Dame Margret Bazley's advice to return control of the council to the people of Canterbury, at least in part. They are correct in that, however, my nose for spin tells me that National may be about to 'surprise' Cantabrians by reversing the decision and calling a partial election to defuse what is becoming a hot-bed of anti-Government discontent in Christchurch.


fredinthegrass said...

I trust you enjoy the 'music',Rg.
I certainly do when you trumpet - although the occasional discordant note is detected.

robertguyton said...

Can't get it right all the time, Fred, I'm just a hick from the South, hopping clods in my garden, chasing penguins out of the swedes.

Ray said...

Well if those two are "trumpets for National" what does that make you, piper (spelt pipper on first attempt) for the Greens or perhaps drummer for the Greenpeace

I do note that they are prepared to have a point of view different to National, something I have yet to see from you

robertguyton said...

But Ray, I am prepared to have a point of view different to National!
Yours is a puzzling claim, to a pedantic close-reader like me :-)

That said, I'm not a Green Party parrot and have my own view on many, many issues. Strengthening that claim is my lack of knowledge about Green Party views on a lot of issues. Also, I draw my opinions from a many sources, most of which are not Green at all. Sometimes, I even think for myself!