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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


“Mr Key’s involvement in the whole fiasco stinks like a sweaty Hobbit’s armpit in summer,” says Mr Peters.


bsprout said...

Winston may have lost some of his past skills of oratory but his nose can still detect the stench of a good scandal.

robertguyton said...

Scandal you reckon, bsprout?

Some are saying treason.

Either way, there's treachery afoot.

Joe W said...

Winston's not what he was. This is no hobbit's armpit, this is Gaffer Gamgee's colostomy bag.

robertguyton said...

Even Smaug scat smells sweet when compared to the odour emanating from the PM.
(I tried to match your malodorous analogy, Joe, but fell well short.)

JayWontdart said...

Hard to top the gaffer, eh fruit tree grafter? :-)

robertguyton said...

Joe bagged it, Jordan.