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Thursday, October 18, 2012


It's come to this. Our Prime Minister has been reduced, by his own behaviour and by the satirists, to a figure of derision in the form of a shoulder-shrugging, nose-forever-growing puppet - Dunnokeyo.
His regularly displayed habit of hiding behind a shrug and a 'dunno' have earned him the Pinocchio-cum-Dumbo epithet which sits so comfortably on him, as you can see from the image. I don't know who created it, but I do know why. Journalists and interviewers have tired of John Key's dodging of serious questions with a dismissive shrug and throwaway 'dunno', and can see that he does know, but  isn't going to tell them.
I think the handle will stick.

(Hat-tip Te Reo Putake and The Standard)


Shunda barunda said...

That's actually quite funny.

DarkHorse said...

actually it is not funny it is too sadly true - we are governed by people who treat us with contempt

robertguyton said...

Both correct - the image is funny, the reason for it is sad.
Key's latest gaff - "I voted 20!!" is further evidence of his lack of suitability to lead the country. Doesn't care at all.

Unknown said...

Not sure how you got the Dumbo inference out of it, even the picture has small ears. Is it because he has to be really stupid to believe he'll get away with his lies without being called on them?

You can fool some of the people some of the time.........

If the hat fits and all that..... the handle fits him perfectly

robertguyton said...

You are right, Kerry, the Dumbo reference doesn't really fit, especially as elephants are reputed to have excellent memories. I was thinking more, "What a dumbo!".
The nose-that-grows thing has been with Key ever since he came on the scene.

Shane Pleasance said...

So completely different from the last lot! Thankfully will be different to the next lot too.

No politicians ever lie. Never. Never have done, never will.

They're not human, you see.

Lets just keep things as they are and abdicate responsibility totally to these goons, whatever hue.

Would save a lot of time, money and wailing and gnashing.

And even the odd whimper.

robertguyton said...

I didn't know that, Shane!
Crikey - here was me thinking it was only John Key. Cullen & Clark? English and Brownlee? Dunne and Banks?
Not Norman and Turei, surely? I've looked pretty hard but I haven't seen any lies from them. Do you know of some?

Jmf said...

Perfect picture of a man for whom the Buck is invisible. The reference seems to be not Dumbo but Pinocchio, the wooden puppet whose nose grew longer every time he lied.