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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blue sky America

Treehugger reports:

All four major debates have come and gone, and our leaders and would-be leaders have now officially neglected to mention that greatest of looming crises we humanfolk face today. Not Obama, not Romney, not Biden nor Ryan made a global warming-related peep in any of their face-offs. But at least we know they all really, really, seriously won't let Iran get a nuclear bomb.
Brad Johnson points out that it's the first time since 1984—nearly a full quarter century—since a full presidential debate cycle has concluded without any discussion of climate change taking place at all.

Read about here.


Paranormal said...

Thats because it is a past issue, if it was a Norwegian Blue it wouldn't have a peep in it.

robertguyton said...

If the evidence of global warming becomes so obvious that even you cannot deny it, paranormal, I trust you will revisit my blog to discuss the situation. I feel certain you will.

Paranormal said...

RG in my comment above I'm not talking about the scientific basis of AGW or otherwise. I'm referring to what will stop the warmist agenda dead. That is the public are over it. Something I've mentioned here previously.

Because politicians, and particularly the presidential wannabes, are in a popularity contest, they only want to talk about populist issues. Climate change isn't, so its off the agenda. Simple as that.

As for obvious evidence - I'd suggest that's been a little lacking of late, especially with some of the data coming out. I notice you haven't covered that...

BTW I have been a little busy so have only visited from time to time. I was in Sydney last week whale watching. Not surprisingly it was far more interesting than politics.

robertguyton said...

Whale watching, Para? Lucky you. I've striven for years to see a whale up-close, to no avail. More interesting than politics?
Most things are, but I manage to squeeze some pleasure out of it.