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Friday, October 5, 2012

5/10/12 Otago Southland FARMER

Despite cutbacks in spending and the disposal of some surplus assets because of the current economic climate, Solid Energy is continuing with its plans for the construction of a $1.4billion coal-to fertiliser plant in Eastern Southland. 
According to preliminary surveys, there is sufficient extractable lignite in Croydon Waimumu and Mataura Districts that could be converted to urea and supply customers for the next 650 years. 
Two million tonnes annually of lignite into fertiliser.


Shunda barunda said...

I am so sick of coal and the issues it brings.

We are back to a full blown round of reactionary bullshit here on the Coast, oh how easy it was for Steven Joyce to 'rag that bull'.

I am f#cking sick to death of it!

So now I am pushed (once again) into the extremist 'greenie' camp whether I like it or not.

Time to hunker down, stay out of sight, and try to weather the storm.


paulinem said...

Actually I sympathise with you Shunda especially with the weather we are having today. Its a great day for DVDs and good TV stories.

On the serious side I also agree you have to be so wary about what traps. In particular as to how devious the opposition is playing there sick agenda to get what they want. Unfortunately like it or not we are having to keep alert to be on top of the oppositions ongoing mischief.

What I find real annoying is that it doesn't take a brain box to work out if you remove lignite by open cast you will PERMAMENTY destroy the land/soil on top of the lignite.

In Southland the land to be destroyed can make a lot more money in producing and growing food products, that any economic benefits from lignite mining. Any one with a minute basic common sense would say don't go there its a lose/lose to the nation.

robertguyton said...

Shunda - your very good understanding of the coal mining issues makes you an extremist greeny?
Maybe other extremist greenies have very good understanding of the issues they fight for :-)