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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Unsubstantiated gossip

(Found elsewhere and clearly marked 'unofficial', but if you've an interest in the kiwifruit industry, or in the series of trials the country has faced over the past 3 or 4 years, you might be interested.)

Viking2 (7,547) Says:
September 15th, 2012 at 8:27 am

A quiet update from the BOP.

No ones gossiping off course Officially. BUT

It has become apparent the the Kiwifruit industry will struggle to survive. The Spring has bought with it an upsurge in the number of orchards with PSA. Orchards previously free up to 2 months ago are succumbing rapidly.
Numbers being gossiped are in the 70-75% range.
Time someone actually made the extent of the issue clear and told Key he has another 1 billion disaster on his hands.
On average that billion dollar of exports creates an money go round of about 6 times. So the BOP will be down in GDP by around that 6 billion dollars.
Now you all thopught the Rena was bad but at least that disaster actually bought greater GDP to the Bay via insurance spend.
PSA is already causing people to leave this area becuase the work has stopped.
Gossip has it that 200 orhards will not survive financially and 200 more will struggle. That was an estimate before spring. It seems that unless there is an antibiotic available that is able to be used within the next few wekks the industry will succumbe.

The new strain of gold appears to be vulnerable and green is also contracting the PSA.

Just gossip around the town but it seems to be backed by growers quietly admitting that things are stuffed.

Thought you’d like to know before Key and co put their hands in your pockets once more.


paulinem said...

Do they know what has caused this PSA ..and what can get rid of it permanently.

Yes 6 billion loss is horrible ... but in fairness to Keys I don't think National or any other Govt is responsible for a pest on plants....

What can the Govt do about PSA?

I notice the author doesn't suggest anything just sit up and take notice Keys statement.

I would have liked to have seen suggestions as to how or what can be done to get rid of the disease once and for all; at the least effect possible on the BOP community

robertguyton said...

It was the slackness around biosecurity, Pauline, and the lack of attention to sensible detail around the importation of pollen, something the National Government had been warned about, but this Government, oh no, they know best...

paulinem said...

Are you saying the biosecurity team at the airports etc were not doing their job properly .. hmmm

Okay the damage has been done what can get rid of the pest or is it like gorse and broom practically impossible to get rid of.

If that is that case hmmmmmm a billion dollar industry down the tube1

"They know best " ..a catching disease in politics central and local only need to observe our local ICC council to see that attitude etc

Green fingered said...

Don't think anyone has thought to blame National yet.
Maybe Russel could get onto it.
This could be bigger than Banks and more in the Green line.
It couldn't come back and bite us could it?

anonymouse said...

Or is it true that National have a military bio weapon facility funded by.. well i cant say , and PSA escaped before it could be breed to take over the human population and turn us all into robots that run on coal and ..............
Comeon!!... this is the stuff of a comedy skit surely

robertguyton said...

Who imported the pollen (if that's in fact the portal by which the disease entered, and how was such importation allowed?) It seems foolish, in retrospect, that an industry like the kiwifruit needed to import pollen in order to produce, don't you think? If that's what happened, whichever Govenment, through the Ministry responsible, must surely be...responsible. I well recall Eric Roy lambasting the Labour Government for the spread of the varrroa mite.

Shane Pleasance said...

Maybe the industry should fund its own biosecurity?

This is quite a cute lol, Robert:

"I well recall Eric Roy lambasting the Labour Government for the spread of the varrroa mite."

Are the 3 'r's because you have been in Southland a long time, or were you sort of quoting Eric?

robertguyton said...

I'd never (dare) mock the Southland accent. My family would murrrderrrr me!