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Friday, September 14, 2012

Troll Queen

"Social Development Minister Paula Bennett is such a troll, it can seem pointless to rise to the bait. But yesterday’s claim – dutifully run as the lead on the NZ Herald website– surpasses even her own usual high standard of offensive stupidity. According to Bennett, if everyone on a benefit last year stayed on it for the rest of their lives, the cost to the nation would be $78 billion."

Gordon Campbell respects Paula Bennett not one teensy bit. His view on her methods and behaviour are revealing and worth noting.


anonymouse said...

i think you criticism is starting to boarder on being abusive !
Would you like to try a bit more control ?

robertguyton said...

No thank you.
Ms Bennett has been called a troll by a respected and widely read political commentator, Gordon Campbell and I cared enough to share his comments with you.

anonymouse said...

hahahaa , ill give u that one

Joe W said...

"boarder (sic) on being abusive !"
Off with your head Mr Guyton, no respect for your betters.
I'm reminded of the outraged Kiwiblog denizen who assured the faithful that Nicky Hager would have his "ears pinned to the wall" for the crime of lèse-majesté against the saintly Don Brash. I occasionally wonder if the people who made those kind of comments back then drop in on the sad old codger now he's languishing on political skid row.

anonymouse said...


hows that then?

Anonymous said...

Don't get sucked in by their spelling games Mouse. Everyone else forgives their mistakes instantly. From what I have seen, bloggers get upset about spelling when their arguments lack strength.
Mr E

robertguyton said...

I never get upset about spelling, 'cept my own :-)
I love it when anonymous detractors e before i except after c - it punctures the most heated rant.

Armchair Critic said...

Good spelling on blogs is important, Mr E. If you can't say what you mean, how can I be sure you mean what you say?

Anonymous said...

Are you highlighting the pointless nature of blogging? I am yet to come across a commenter the has not made spelling mistakes. Perhaps the blogging gods should hit the delete button?
Even the most basc englsh can b undrstod by the most basc brane. It is rare for spelling to lead to misinterpretation, but common for spelling to be criticised by bloggers/commenters. It seems to me, some use spelling as a rooster competition to puff up egos.

robertguyton said...

'rooster competition to puff up eggs'

Fixed your spelling for you - don't mention it!