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Monday, September 17, 2012

Radio Guyton

Today @ 9:30

I've linked to the podcast, should you wish to listen to our first, somewhat stumbling effort. We're honing it, as a result of hearing it play this morning, and believe me, we'll be sharp as tacks for our next programme, to be recorded this week. If you have gone to the trouble of listening, any feedback, kindly or otherwise, would be much appreciated.


Bioneer said...

That face wasn't made for radio!

robertguyton said...

SheĊ› a tv star, that one.

Shunda barunda said...

That seemed pretty good to me.

Very interesting stuff, if I was closer, I would come along to that chicken meeting :)

It seemed like you had both been doing radio for years.

JayWontdart said...

Pulp F...yes! You mentioned it Robert :-)

The first guest spot had mention of "processing them afterwards"? My friend Whole Hen would be very angry to hear that, she keeps the other Rescued Hens safe from harm:

I'm very glad to hear Rob and Byn on the radio, I mentioned to you at the last Green Drinks that a local political, environmental show with yourself and maybe Dave Kennedy etc would be a real hoot :-) Glad to hear your show :-)

Green Drinks photo

Keep up the great work, it would be excellent to be able to subscribe on iTunes, so each episode of the show can be automatically downloaded to our iPods and what have you. If you ask Radio Southland about it, they may already have that set up.


JayWontdart said...

"...high in silica..."

I'm TOTALLY borrowing that one Robert, at our next potluck I'll take a sample of a dish, smack my lips and ".....mmmmmmmmmmmh, high in silica I see!..." as they look frightened! :-)

robertguyton said...

Hey, Jordan
Thanks for your feedback. I knew our chickenman would upset the sensitive listener of the vegan persuasion. Otoh, his birds are tremendously pampered and live the life of Riley. They adore him and clamber into his arms when he visits them. He familiarises with them by going into their coop at night and talking with them. His turkeys are the grooviest ever - I've posted a photo in the past - they look like war-bonnets. Still, he eats them all, eventually.
I'm going to invite Dave in for an on-line chat, and you too, if you're game :-) We go in again this morning for round-two and I'll try to avoid mentioning eggs. While I'm thinking of shoes, check out my latest footwear photo. These are seriously cool feet that padded along beside me as I walked the beach on Sunday.