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Thursday, September 20, 2012

No toilets in John Key's perfect world

Key stated that on his perfect world, there'd be no toilets.
It's difficult not to lampoon the man for that claim. The possibilities are endless, given the obvious image of the over-stuffed residents, Key included, his words invoke. I'm thinking Violet Beauregard here. Or even Kim Dotcom.
What a silly thing to have said. Not offensive though, as his slur on Metiria Turei was, when he said in the House that she was 'barking mad'.
Not a nice man, nor a wise man, that John Key.
Meanwhile, on Planet Key...


bsprout said...

I think he was deadly serious with his no toilet suggestion, but it was probably in support of his big business mates. For many toilet breaks are problematic, especially in retail situations, like shopping malls when they have cut staff to one person. For those people I have heard there is no allowance for toilet or lunch breaks and some employees have resorted to adult nappies to cope.

Keys throwaway line actually reflects a sinister reality for some.

robertguyton said...

A conspitated National Party, revealled!

Armchair Critic said...

No toilets = full of sh*t.